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Customized Payments for your valuable Point-of-Sale application

SnapPost is an on-the-go payment software that offers customized solutions for your point-of-sale applications. With an easy-to-use interface, you can now enjoy a seamless payment process for all your business transactions.

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Customized Payments Page Exclusively for Merchants

Discover OnePay SnapPost, a customized standalone terminal designed specifically for merchants. Our versatile desktop application allows you to accept credit or debit card payments tailored to your preferences, with or without a physical card. OnePay’s standalone terminals accept various methods, including NFC, EMV, and Magstripe (Google Pay, Apple Pay). With top-notch security, they feature:
website payment processing
payment software for small businesses 
Point of Sale

Standalone POS Payment Services

Our user-friendly standalone terminal POS application simplifies payment card acceptance. OnePay SnapPost also offers real-time transaction reports at any integrated Point of Sale (POS), giving analytics for wide business insights.

Secure Pay Transactions

OnePay SnapPost: Enhanced Security for Smoother Payments


Enhances security with unique tokens, safeguarding transactions against potential breaches.

Fast Transactions

Provides speedy transaction acceptance for retailers using our standalone terminal.

Ideal for Small Businesses

Customized for small businesses, providing a seamless and efficient transaction solution.


SnapPost - your Payment Gateway to Simplified Transactions

OnePay SnapPost, a super-fast and efficient gateway solution offering a convenient payment experience for retailers and customers.

Secure Transaction

Enhanced Security

Versatile Payment Methods

Reliable Payment Gateway

Cost-effective Transaction System

Simplified Customer Billing Plan

OnePay SnapPost with Dentrix

OnePay SnapPost has partnered with Dentrix to simplify payment processing and streamline all related transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SnapPost?
OnePay SnapPost is versatile, customized, on-the-go payment software that provides tailored solutions for your point-of-sale needs. Its user-friendly interface ensures a smooth payment experience for all your business transactions.
OnePay SnapPost benefits you by providing a dedicated standalone terminal with a versatile desktop application. Your businesses can easily accept tailored credit or debit card payments, aligning with your preferences, whether you’ve a physical card or not.
OnePay’s standalone terminal accepts various methods, covering NFC, EMV, and Magstripe (such as Google Pay and Apple Pay), providing diverse options for your customers.
OnePay SnapPost provides enhanced security features, including tokenization, ensuring secure and fast payment transactions, perfect for small businesses.
OnePay SnapPost provides a secure and efficient gateway solution, offering enhanced security, versatile payment methods, and simplified customer billing plans for retailers and customers alike.
Yes, OnePay SnapPost is designed for simplicity. Its user-friendly interface ensures a seamless payment process, making it effortless for merchants and customers to navigate and complete transactions swiftly.
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Embrace the Future with OnePay SnapPost! Streamline your operations, provide flexible credit and debit card payment options, and ensure seamless transactions with our cutting-edge standalone terminal. Join our vibrant OnePay community and embark on this exciting journey today!