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with Our Authentication Solution

Choose our suite of authentication solutions to keep your account safe and secure. From two-factor authentication 2FA to Single Sign-On (SSO), we’ve got you covered.

Payment Facilitator

Two-Factor Authentication

Prevent unauthorized access and protect against potential security breaches by adding an extra layer of security to your account.


Choose from a variety of methods to complete the multi-factor of authentication

Go for SMS-based 2FA and add a time-based token as an additional layer of security.

Set up authentication that suits your needs and pays off with confidence and security.

This image symbolizes the end-to-end encryption and robust security measures implemented by OnePay for enhanced data protection.

Secure Authentication

Optimize strong Authentication in your Virtual Terminal

Our authentication solution ensures that your passwords are strong and secure and make it easy to update and change them when needed.

Improved Password Security

Prevent hackers from gaining unauthorized access to your accounts and stealing sensitive information or making illegal transactions.

Reduced risk of Data Breaches

OnePay identifies vulnerabilities and implements appropriate security measures to mitigate these risks.

Access Logs

OnePay Access Log for Better Tracking and Monitoring

OnePay Access logs provide a detailed record of who has accessed the terminal and when. This feature helps merchants in an organization monitor activity on their accounts and identify potential security issues.

Enhanced security

Prevents unauthorized access

Greater control over account access

Increased visibility and authentication

OnePay Access Logs for better tracking and payment monitoring

Payment Authentication

Strong Authentication Solutions for your Financial Infrastructure

OnePay offers a user-friendly interface that allows merchants to easily process payments with just a few clicks. Merchants can securely access the virtual terminal from any device with an internet connection, making it easy to accept payments from anywhere at any time.

Secure Authentication

Creating a system for authentication that combines 2FA and single sign-on.

Easy setup process

Customize and set up your own authentication system for secure payments & transactions.

Advanced Fraud Detection

Real-time identifying and blocking suspicious transactions before they can cause any harm.


Protects your customers' sensitive information, including credit card numbers and personal data.

Other Solutions

Empower your Business with Speed, Security, and Convenience

OnePay’s range of payment products can enhance the essential metrics of your business, leading to increased profitability and streamlined transactions that are faster, simpler, and more secure.

OnePay provides the best security in the payment industry

Replaces sensitive data with a unique code, making it much more difficult for fraudsters to steal and use the information.

OnePay incorporates a sophisticated fraud detection system to effectively prevent unauthorized access and protect against fraudulent activities.
Fraud Detection

Analyze transaction data in real-time, identifying and blocking suspicious transactions before they can cause any harm.


Frequently Asked Questions

Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of a user or device attempting to access a payment solution or perform a transaction. This can include using passwords, biometric data, or other forms of identity verification.

Authentication is essential for ensuring the security of payment solutions and preventing unauthorized access or fraudulent transactions. Strong authentication measures can help protect sensitive data and build trust with customers.

Common authentication methods include passwords, PINs, Single Sign-On (SSO) and two-factor authentication (2FA), which requires users to provide two forms of identification.

2FA requires users to provide two forms of identification to access a payment solution or perform a transaction. For example, this could involve entering a password or PIN and then providing a fingerprint or answering a security question.

Businesses can implement strong authentication measures by using secure authentication methods such as 2FA or biometric data, conducting regular security assessments, and implementing employee training and awareness programs to ensure that everyone understands the importance of authentication and how to use it properly.

Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive payment data, such as credit card numbers, with a unique token that has no value if stolen. Tokenization improves authentication in payment solutions by reducing the need for customers to enter their payment information directly into a payment solution. Instead, customers can enter their payment information once and receive a token in return, which can then be used for future transactions. This reduces the risk of fraud and makes it easier for customers to make payments securely and conveniently.

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Partnering with us means you’ll benefit from our expertise in payment solutions and our commitment to delivering the highest level of security and compliance. We’ll work with you to tailor our authentication solutions to meet your specific needs and provide ongoing support to ensure your payment solutions are always up-to-date and compliant with regulatory requirements.