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Payment Receipts

Optimize your Financial Records with OnePay secure Payment Receipts

Get your invoices taken care of securely with OnePay. Our automated payment receipts provide customizable options to ensure you get the best experience while maintaining your financial records.

Customized Receipts ​

Customize your transactions with OnePay's Tailored Receipts

Implement our receipt system with top-tier security measures to safeguard sensitive transaction data.

Experience unparalleled customization with OnePay’s ideal record-keeping receipt solutions catering to your business requirements.

For long-term cost savings and a lasting positive impression, use OnePay digital receipts.

Email Receipts

Integrate OnePay Email Receipts to receive Instant Payment Confirmation

Empower your business to receive instant notifications for successful and real-time transactions.

Add your business logo and custom messaging into email receipts, adding a professional touch.

Enhance customer engagement by including personalized messages to boost interaction and connection.

SMS Receipts

Seamless Proof of Purchase through OnePay Quick SMS Receipts

Offer your customers instant purchase confirmation through quick SMS receipts.

Provide a convenient method for simplified mobile record-keeping as proof of payment.

Enable businesses to add customizable details such as purchase date, time, and products.


Unlock the Benefits of OnePay Payment Receipt

Receipts are pivotal in business operations, ensuring accurate financial records, regulatory compliance, and fostering customer interactions.

Legal compliance

Serve as crucial transactional evidence, essential for businesses to meet legal and tax obligations.


Provide a vital record of business transactions for financial management and accounting practices.

Proof of sales receipt

Act as significant proof of purchase, facilitating customer returns, exchanges, or warranty claims.

Inventory monitoring

Set as a crucial tool for businesses to track inventory, documenting items sold with their associated costs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a payment receipt?
A payment receipt is a document that serves as proof of payment made for a product or service. It contains details such as the date and time of the transaction, the payment method used, the amount paid, and information about the product or service purchased. Payment receipts are important for both businesses and customers as they provide evidence of the transaction and can be used for record-keeping and accounting purposes.
OnePay Receipts is a feature that allows you to receive digital receipts for your purchases made with OnePay. These receipts are sent directly to your email or can be accessed through your OnePay account.
When making a purchase with OnePay, you can select the option to receive a digital receipt. The receipt will be sent to the email address associated with your account. You can also access your receipts through your OnePay account by logging in and navigating to the receipts section.

Yes, OnePay Receipts allows merchants to customize receipts with their business logo, branding, and additional information. This helps to promote their business and build brand recognition.

OnePay receipts are stored indefinitely in your OnePay account, allowing you to access and manage your receipts at any time. This provides a convenient way to organize and keep track of your purchases.
OnePay is a digital payment solution, and therefore, only offers digital receipts. However, you can print out the digital receipts if you need a physical copy.
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