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Instant Settlements

Upgrade your payment options with Instant Settlements

Get payments in seconds. Accelerate your cash flow with OnePay’s instant settlement.

Unlock the power of seamless payments with OnePay Go, as a confident lady effortlessly taps and pays her way.
Instant Payments

Get paid at once with OnePay’s Instant Settlement

Instant Settlement from OnePay facilitates a quick and hassle-free flow of payment from your customers.

Merchant is handing over credit card back to the customer, after the payment was successfull.

Pay with OnePay and experience seamless business transactions

OnePay online payment system guarantees instant payment and much more efficient business operations.

Transaction through mobile is successful. 

With OnePay’s Instant Settlement you can now accept online payments whenever you want.

You can receive payments from customers through multiple payment methods, like Cards and net banking.

Works always, non-banking hours, weekends, and even on holidays

Transfers payments to your bank accounts in seconds.

Two happy couple performing transaction through OnePay Go 

With our Same-day Settlements, get your customer payments straight into your bank account every day

Unlimited settlements and no hidden charges. Schedule unlimited settlements on all days 24/7, with no hidden charges.

Easy, transparent, and faster access to funds, allowing you for improved cash flow

Quick like never before. Instant Settlement from OnePay is seamless and gets you paid within seconds

Happy Business professional after completing instant transaction through OnePay

A custom solution that has been tailored for your business needs to give you the edge.

Automatic settlements of payments offering settlements even on holidays.

You will have a competitive advantage over your rivals.

Increase the speed of your overall business processes and streamline operations.

A merchant is performing payments through OnePay Go

Our repayment options make it easy and convenient for you to repay all your payments swiftly.

Flexibility to choose a repayment plan that works for you.

Options to make payments online.

Ability to customize your repayment schedule to fit your budget and timeline.


Revamp your business with OnePay

Innovative products offered by OnePay have made modern business stress free and dynamic and brought in added versatility in comparison to the past. 

Merchant Services

Empowers your customers with global standards of merchant solutions on a single platform.

Virtual Terminal

Virtual terminals allow merchants to accept payments from their customers at any time and from any location.


Frequently Asked Questions

OnePay provides you with various options for settlements based on your business needs.

On-Demand Settlements

 You can decide about the time when the customer should pay into your bank account. Settle within a few seconds the amount needed from the settlement balance.

Same-day settlement

This is important if you want your business to have a consistent cash flow. OnePay settles all your payments automatically.

The instant settlement feature allows you to settle your current balance in your bank account instantly 24/7 for a small fee.

Payment settlement involves collecting the funds for the amount recorded for an order. For Example, while using credit cards, the settlement process specifically involves contacting the payment system and collecting the required amount of funds against the credit card.

Instant payment gateway is an agile and scalable service that allows banks to offer payments to their clients, without the constraints of cost, compliance, and integration.

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