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Dual Pricing with OnePay

Show both the listed price option and the card payment amount in your POS system. 

OnePay Dual Pricing

Provide your cardholders with the flexibility of the dual-price option, allowing them to select their preferred payment method.

Cash Payments

Collect Cash with OnePay Go

Wirelessly connect your Point of Sale to the OnePay Go mobile app.

Just choose the "collect cash" option in OnePay Go.

Then complete the payments and get the cash receipt.

Transaction complete. It's simple and seamless!

Card Payments

Dual Pricing for Credit Card Payments

Display the listed price as well as the price for customers who choose to make payment through a card.

Features of OnePay Dual Pricing

Opting for cash payment? You'll get a discount based on the MSRP entered, free from any extra charges.

Always display items in dual pricing mode, ensuring transparency. Your receipt showcases the cash savings, while non-cash payments show the original transaction amount.

Easily print messages on the receipts while saving them on record for future reference.

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