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Smart Checkouts

Pre-built Checkout for Accepting Payments

Increase sales with a better payment experience by embedding OnePay checkout plugins to your payments.

Simplifying Payments

Checkout Plugins

Streamline the entire payment flow, from billing to payment processing and card tokenization, all within a single, smooth experience. No additional product purchases required!

Easy Checkout Integration

Ready to Embed Checkout Plugins

Pre-built payment Plugin that simplifies the checkout process by allowing customers to pay with minimal friction and boosting conversions.

Responsive Checkout Design

Faster, Smoother, and More Secure

Elevate your pay checkout experience with a powerful and flexible plugin suite, caters to all your payment processing needs.

Checkout Customization

Tailor-Made UI & Functionality

Take complete control over the look and feel of your checkout process. Our intuitive backend enables you to customize the user interface and functionalities to perfectly match your brand identity and customer preferences.

Secure Payments

Secure Checkout & Compliance

Industry-leading security protocols and PCI compliance 4.0 to ensure the safest possible transaction environment for both you and your customers.


Engage your customers with easy to use checkout solutions

User Experience

Improved checkout experience for web users and user engagement, offering fully custom API or ready-to-use interfaces.

Payment Options

OnePay offers a variety of secure checkout payment options to accommodate diverse customer requirements.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

With a user-friendly interface and lightning-fast payments. Streamline your purchase process by minimizing the number of steps required to complete a transaction.

Security Measures

OnePay prioritizes customer data security to avoid fraud and breaches. All our checkout solutions meet strict Level 1 PCI DSS compliance.

Customize your payment flow and remove friction from your payments page and the ability to pay with saved card details, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Payment Checkout work?
Payment Checkout is the final stage of a transaction process where you pay for selected items to receive goods or services. With OnePay, the checkout is streamlined and secure, offering seamless integration and robust payment solutions for enhanced customer experience.
What is the difference between self-checkout and online checkout?
OnePay Self-checkout refers to a physical system where you scan and pay for items themselves in-store. Online checkout of OnePay, on the other hand, occurs in virtual environments like e-commerce websites, where you can finalize purchases electronically on e-commerce websites without a physical POS.
What is One-click checkout, and how does OnePay optimize it?
One-click checkout, supported by OnePay, simplifies the online purchasing process, enabling you to complete a transaction with a single click. By securely storing payment and shipping details, OnePay reduces steps, making the buying process faster and more convenient.
What does e-commerce checkout entail?
E-commerce checkout is the digital process through which you finalize your online purchases. It involves selecting items, providing shipping details, choosing payment methods, and completing transactions in an online store or marketplace. With OnePay, this process is streamlined and secure, enhancing the overall online shopping experience.
What is the significance of a billing address during checkout?
The billing address verifies your identity as the cardholder, ensuring secure transactions with OnePay, and prevents fraudulent transactions. It ensures that you, the authorized user, are making the purchase using the payment method provided.
How does OnePay's checkout solution improve user experience?
Our checkout solution streamlines the payment flow, providing customizable features to enhance your payments page, including the ability to pay with saved card details. With OnePay, elevate your shopping experience with a smoother checkout experience and reduce cart abandonment while ensuring robust security measures.
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