Smart Checkout

OnePay’s Smart Checkout solutions for smart businesses

OnePay’s Smart Checkout is a platform that gives a fillip to your business.

Checkout payments anytime, anywhere with our flexible and secure solutions for seamless transactions on-the-go.
Smart Payment Checkout

Smart Checkout- the motto for Modern Businesses

Now with OnePay’s Smart Payment Checkout software, you can accept payment anywhere and anytime.


Give your business a better Payment Experience

OnePay guarantees you the fastest way to get paid online by using our seamless checkout software.

Security Comes First

OnePay gives priority to the customer’s data security, and the multi-layered security system prevents fraud and data breaches.
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Device Optimization

We support devices across various platforms such as Mobile, Desktop, and Tablets with a fast checkout.
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Speedy Integration

OnePay’s advanced APIs make integration of Smart Payment Checkout easier and faster and deliver better business value.
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Instant Settlement

One Pay facilitates instant settlement of payment with the same-day settlement or on-demand settlement to boost your revenue.
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Practical Solutions

OnePay’s Payment Solutions can work wonders for you

One Pay payment solutions go a long way in enhancing your business capabilities and making a positive impact on your revenue.   

Simple and Easy

Our online payment system is easy and simple to use with quality output. There are no major technicalities involved.

Web and App Checkout

OnePay offers easier web and app check-out to make transactions streamlined. Apart from making transactions quicker, it also increases the business reach.  

Multiple Payment Methods

OnePay checkout software supports multiple payment methods such as card payment, contactless payment, wallet, etc.

Generate Tokens via API

Pairing tokenization with APIs helps provide data security and compliance solutions that integrate with your existing applications.

Practical Solutions

OnePay’s Payment Solutions can work wonders for you

One Pay payment solutions go a long way in enhancing your business capabilities and making a positive impact on your revenue.   

Featured Benefits

OnePay’s online payment system has rejuvenated businesses

Our multi-dimensional Smart Payment Checkout system is playing an instrumental role in transforming business concepts

Increased Sales

A direct consequence of implementing OnePay’s checkout software is an increase in revenue due to streamlined payments.

Payment Experience

An enhanced payment experience is the benefit you get by using our online Smart Payment checkout system.

Reduces Friction

It is easier for the customers to input and reuse the information about the payment made and to spot any errors.

Less Time-Consuming

We understand the value of time and hence our products are laced with the latest technologies, they are smart and efficient.


OnePay makes your Business Multi-Dimensional and Professional

Achieve new heights of success through better revenue growth and streamlined operations.


Avoid confusion or disputes. OnePay Customizable Payment Links provide clarity and transparency to understand what you are paying for.

You can have enhanced security, as the tokenization offered by OnePay protects and controls the sensitive data of its customers.

Our Buy Buttons and Email links allow you to accept payment from any online platform including websites.

Onepay Payments

OnePay’s services helps simplify business operations

OnePay’s products create a positive difference to modern business. Apart from helping to grow revenues, there is streamlining of core operations, that is transforming businesses.

Streamline your sales process and enhance customer experience with our user-friendly Point of Sale (POS) solutions.

OnePay’s point-of-sale makes your life safer, easier, and of course faster.

Experience the flexibility and convenience of our Virtual Terminal for seamless payment management.
Virtual Terminal

Generate transactions and send receipts through mobile, in-person, or through remote processing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Smart Checkout supports a wide variety of payment methods such as cards and digital wallets, Alternate card not present (CNP), Cash, ACH (Automated Clearing House), and EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer).

It is the moment when customers place an order in an online store and proceed to payment. It starts when the user visits the website and ends when the payment is completed, and the confirmation is received.

Our Payment Checkout process is updated with the latest technology and sports attractive features and benefits which truly makes it a standalone business tool in the market.

Self-Check-out stations allow customers to order and pay at once without additional staffing, thus speeding up the rate of processing orders. The customers feel more confident about the business as they process the checkout procedure themselves.

SmartPay is an end-to-end payment solution for selling to customers online. It can be a credit card terminal at the local grocery store. It makes sure that customers’ payment information is transported safely and securely for processing.

For consumers shopping online, the checkout process is a significant process in the purchasing activity. Until the checkout, consumers have been able to freely go about their shopping with little disruption or pressure to decide.

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