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OnePay Hosted Payment Page

Start accepting payments from customers nationwide within minutes using OnePay’s hosted payment page. Our platform is designed to provide flexibility and compatibility across a wide range of devices and online platforms.

Hosted Payment Page

Reduce your PCI Compliance Burden

OnePay enables businesses to accept payments securely with a hosted pay page with the highest level of security, PCI DSS compliance 4.0, and industry-standard encryption. Save on compliance costs as we provide secure payments on your behalf. 

Cost-effective solution

Simplified integration

User-friendly payment experience

Bypass the complicated PCI DSS compliance process easily. OnePay takes care of the security aspect for you, allowing you to concentrate on expanding your business without worrying about building and managing your payment gateway.

Pay by Link

Collect Payments Online via Mobile App

Create and share personalized hosted payment pages with customers for easy payment collection.

Share pay links and accept payments online from your mobile device.

Offer popular digital payment options to your customers such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, & PayPal.

Save on costs by eliminating the need for a physical payment terminal.


Customizable Hosted Payment Page

Reduce friction in the payment process for customers by offering a customizable solution for secure online payments. 

Remote Payment Management

Efficiently handle and process payments from anywhere. Seamlessly collect payments from customers around the globe, at any time.

Personalized Options

Choose which fields you want to display on your payment page, select the fields that are mandatory, or even create custom fields like text, drop-downs, or checkboxes.

Suitable for all Payment Methods

Accept a wide range of payment methods on the paypage, including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and more.

Payment Security

Top-Notch Paypage Security for your Business

Secured and enhanced hosted payment pages to ensure customer data remains protected.

OnePay's payment verification system helps detect potential fraudsters in real-time.

Expert in providing high-risk payments, offering secure payment solutions for merchants and customers.

Are you ready to start accepting payments through OnePay

Our platform supports major currencies and offers competitive conversion rates, giving your business a distinct edge.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Hosted payment page?

Hosted Payment Pages by OnePay are secure web pages enabling merchants to accept various ecommerce payment methods, like credit/debit cards and mobile payments, directly on their websites. 

What are the benefits of a hosted payment page?

A hosted payment page offers a secure checkout, alleviating liability for businesses. It’s easily set up, supports recurring billing, accepts various payment methods, and ensures a smooth checkout process. 

What are the key features of hosted payment page?

Key features of OnePay customized hosted payment page include – remote payment management, personalized options, and support for a wide range of payment methods. 

What payment security features can be offered by the hosted payment page?

OnePay offers high-quality hosted paypage security for businesses, ensuring customer data remains protected. Additionally, our payment verification system helps detect potential fraudsters in real-time. 

How can I start using OnePay Hosted payment gateway?

Merchants can begin by signing up for an account on the OnePay website. Once registered, they can start accepting payments through the OnePay Hosted payment gateway. 

How can I collect payments online via mobile app?

Easily collect payments by sharing personalized hosted payment pages and offering popular digital payment options like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal. Save costs by eliminating the need for a physical payment terminal. 

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