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QR Code Payments

Scan, Pay and Go with OnePay QR Code Payments

Make in-person payments easy- Scan, pay, and you’re good to go. Offer your customers an easy, quick, and convenient way to pay on their phones. 

Scan to Pay

Personalized QR Code Solutions for every business

Start accepting QR Code Payments for your business. Using the scan-to-pay option, offer your customers an easy, secure, and simple way to pay.

Generate QR Code

As a business, generate a QR code for your product or service, containing payment information. 

Download QR code

Print and use the QR code as a payment method at your front desk.

Share QR Code Link

Share the QR code or its link with your customer and accept payments on the go.

Complete the Payment

The customer scans the QR code using their mobile device and easily completes the payment.

Cost-effective QR code solutions for businesses

OnePay’s cost-effective QR code solution streamlines transactions, offering customers a quick and secure payment experience for enhanced satisfaction.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Quicker and more convenient transactions.

Increase customer engagement and participation.

QR Codes for Effortless Payments

An Easy Guide to Create QR Codes for Seamless Payments

Touchless payment methods are becoming increasingly popular among merchants and customers. So, we at OnePay offer extensive Payment options through QR codes where they can quickly generate and share the QR paylink with their customers.

Let’s dive into a stepwise guide to kickstart the process.

QR Code Payment app

Customer opens this app with QR code scanner on smartphone

Receive Payment Link

Send payment links via SMS or email and perform payments securely.

QR Code generator

They scan generated static/dynamic QR code using OnePay Go

Check Payment Details

Customer verifies payment information, including the amount.

Payment Processed

Payments processed securely, with customer receiving its confirmation

Payment Confirmation

Merchant receiving Payment confirmation instantly, with Customer receiving their goods

OnePay Go QR code to pay

Why choose OnePay Go QR Codes?

As a leading payment service provider of QR code payment applications, we deliver custom QR solutions to cater to our customers’ needs.


Discover the advantages of OnePay QR code payment app

With OnePay Go QR Code payment, transactions are swift and secure. Experience contactless convenience, quicker checkouts, and increased payment security for both your businesses and customers.

Cardless Transactions

Simply scan the QR code to make a purchase, eliminating the need for manual card entry.

Speed and Accuracy

Payments are processed in seconds, reducing wait times for both customers and businesses.

Efficient Payments

Engage customers with the scan-to-pay option for smooth and hassle-free transactions.

Security Measures

Safeguard customer data with robust security measures, including encryption, authentication, dynamic codes, and access control.

Ready to kickstart?

Join the millions who adore OnePay globally. Easily and securely handle all your payments in one place. Sign up for free online or get the app now. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of payment does OnePay accept?
OnePay, as a contactless payment system, lets your QR code accept payments from Apple Pay, Google Pay, Square Pay, AfterPay, and other major cards.

The QR Code of OnePay is free for businesses to use. There are no monthly charges by us.

QR codes do not expire for payment purposes. You and your customers are free to use them as often as necessary.

The processing time for QR code payments is only within three seconds.

With a QR code payment, the customer uses their smartphone to scan the merchant’s QR code and pay for their purchases. They then enter the required payment amount and submit.

Experience the Ultimate QR Code Payment Solution for Your Business

OnePay’s innovative solutions, including QR code payments, drive businesses into a new era of technical advancement. These not only enhance operational efficiency but also drive revenue growth.