Online Payments

Online Payments to Simplify Business

OnePay’s versatile online payment system can have multiple effects on your business in today’s fast-paced business environment

Online Payments

Online Payments – do any business transaction online

Our advanced online payments platform gives your business the required flexibility and agility. Now you can sell anything to your customers.

OnePay Payment Gateway for businesses of all sizes. 
Payment Options

Business-to-Business Payment Solutions

As a payment platform we offer multiple payment options to customers. Sell anything and everything online

Recurring Payments

You can automate payment collection with recurring payments to maximize revenue and power your business.

One-Time Payment

OnePay facilitates non-recurring payment options to collect One-time payments from the customer’s credit card or bank accounts.

Installment Payment

Make your customers happy with a streamlined installment solution that lets them purchase and pay later.

Smart Checkout

Smooth check-out with secure user experience

Accept secure online payments with OnePay, regardless of whether you offer one-time purchases or subscriptions. 

Experience secure payment processing as customers effortlessly utilize tokenization for seamless transactions.

We are compliant with the Guidelines of tokenization to offer quick and safe check-out.

Web-Based and App Checkout

We offer seamless checkout in the form of web-based and even App based.

Buy Buttons and Email Links

We offer buy buttons and email links to facilitate your customer with seamless checkout.

Instant Settlements

OnePay offers instant settlement to shore up your revenue

With OnePay, be assured of an instant settlement of payments in your bank account. It is a same-day payment or any time that you choose to get the payment. We help businesses to improve upon the cash inflow and shore up their revenues with accelerated business growth. 

Experience the benefits of instant settlements, enabling merchants to receive their funds quickly and efficiently.
Advanced Security

Your Business is protected from fraudulent access

OnePay gives you foolproof security against any misuse through its advanced authentication and fraud detection methods


OnePay protects all your payment transactions against illegal access, data breach, and fraudulent access.  

Fraud Detection

Fraud protection, risk management, and multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access.

Integration with API

Enjoy faster API Integration with OnePay

We facilitate API integration to integrate a payment solution with other existing applications such as a check-out function. Our easy and simple integration method for retail software payment applications and websites makes businesses faster and more efficient

Seamlessly integrate with OnePay's API for streamlined communication and smooth transaction processing.

OnePay for Innovative Payments Solutions

OnePay online payment portal offers simple and easy solutions for the better conceptualization of payment processes and smooth business processes. 

We are one of the few online payment portals offering online payment options that can be processed across various geographic locations. 

OnePay’s enhanced transaction reports at points of sale along with real-time data and detailed analysis at the dashboard.

As a responsible online payment portal, our advanced security cover restricts access to only authorized users. 

We provide flexible integrations that will sync with other POS systems to offer seamless business flow.  

Unique Products

Add more value to your Business 

These products have constantly contributed to better business value addition and revenue growth over the years.

Virtual Terminal

An online payment portal that accepts payments for all market types through mobile, in-person, or remote processing.

Point Of Sale

A desktop application that supports payment and provides transaction reports at the point of sale (POS).


Frequently Asked Questions

Online transactions provide convenience to both consumers and business owners. This is mainly since online transaction payment systems allow an instant process of payment verification. Consumers don’t send manual proof of their payments

OnePay’s online payment is fast, and safe, and provides opportunities for businesses to be competitive and enhance their revenue opportunities. There are multiple and flexible options to make payments

Credit cards use online security features like encryption and fraud monitoring to keep your accounts and personal information safe. OnePay is protected against fraud by a multi-layered security cover.

There are several types of online payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, and payment apps

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Join forces with us and become our valued partner. Together, we can achieve greater success and deliver exceptional value to our customers.