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Payment Gateway Partnership

Partner with OnePay and elevate your Payment Lifecycle

Join forces with us and enhance your go-to-market plan and gain access to secure payment solutions.


Why Partner with OnePay?

OnePay is a safe platform that guarantees the merchants complete protection against misuse of any kind that may result in financial loss and earn a bad reputation

Seamless Integration

Our robust API and developer-friendly tools make integration quick and hassle-free, allowing you to easily incorporate our payment gateway into your existing systems or applications.

Secure Payments

OnePay is PCI-DSS compliant, ensuring the highest level of security for your transactions and customer data. Trust us to protect your business and your customers’ information.

Dedicated Support

Our experienced team is always ready to provide personalized support with technical and strategic aspects of your payment processing.

Mutual Growth Opportunities

Have access to our vast network of merchants and customers, creating new business opportunities and expanding your reach in the market.

Competitive Advantage

After Integrating with OnePay, you will benefit from

Seamless Payment Processing
Instant deployment in your system
Quick Integrations
Fast Merchant Onboarding
Centralized platform for managing customers
Secured Transaction
Business Expansion
Mobile App for payments

Strategic Alliance

Business Alliance

Integrating with OnePay brings a host of benefits to your business

Omnichannel Payment Solution
PCI DSS compliant Trust
24/7 dedicated support
Payment options more than 100+
Customizable payment solution
Track and Set reseller commission
Flexible to your business needs
Inbuilt security plugins
OnePay Go

Mobile App that takes care of your Payment on the Go

OnePay’s Mobile App: Simplifying Payments on the Go

Managing your payments on the go has never been easier. Our user-friendly app is designed to provide a seamless and convenient payment experience for businesses, Merchants, and customers alike.

Experience it firsthand

API Integrations

Developed for Developers

Unlike other complicated payment platforms with complex APIs, OnePay has developed a simple payments platform with developers in mind. With an easy copy-and-paste integration process, you can seamlessly add OnePay to your e-commerce process, unlocking its benefits without the hassle of complicated technical requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can become a partner with OnePay by reaching out to us through our Partner Program page or contacting our team directly. We’ll be happy to discuss partnership opportunities and guide you through the process.

As a OnePay partner, you’ll gain access to seamless payment solutions, enhanced security, competitive advantages, dedicated support, and potential for business expansion. Our partnership program is designed to provide mutual growth opportunities and help you achieve your business objectives.

OnePay’s API integration is designed to be simple and developer-friendly. We provide robust APIs and developer tools that make integration quick and efficient, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate our payment gateway into your systems or applications.

Yes, OnePay is PCI-DSS compliant. We adhere to the highest level of security standards to protect your transactions and customer data, ensuring a secure payment processing experience for your business and customers.

OnePay provides dedicated support to its partners, including technical, operational, and strategic assistance. Our experienced team is available to help you with any queries or issues, ensuring a smooth and successful partnership journey.

Yes, OnePay’s partnership program offers mutual growth opportunities. By joining forces with OnePay, you can gain access to our extensive network of merchants and customers, creating potential for new business opportunities and expanding your reach in the market.

Partner with us

Partner with Us for Seamless Payment Solutions

At OnePay, we believe in fostering strong partnerships to provide payment solutions for businesses of all sizes. Partnering with us opens up a world of opportunities for mutual growth and success.