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Take your billing to the next level with our flexible payment plans! From monthly cycles to pay-as-you-go options, we have a plan that fits your unique needs.

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Payment Solutions

Enhanced Billing Plans with a Finer Billing Solution

We provide one of the easiest and fastest ways to bill your customers. Generate more revenues, support various business models, and accept recurring payments apart from reducing operational costs.

Customizable Subscription

Subscriptions and Customizations made Easier

We allow the customers the freedom to choose payment preferences directly from the shopping cart and set up subscriptions manually. We even facilitate customizing trial periods and pricing. We help connect directly to the proprietary systems.

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Billing Plan's Features

For Profitable Businesses and easy to use Solutions

Our billing plans are a milestone for any business, as it offers multiple features that can support different verticals of business.

Enhanced Security

Our multi-layered security structure eliminates the risk to your customer’s sensitive information.

Cost Cutting

No additional or hidden charges are associated with any business transaction. Manage subscriptions easily.

Stay Updated

Ongoing billing is handled without interruption as the customer’s card information is updated automatically.

Customer Loyalty

OnePay’s hassle-free and flexible billing plans create positive vibes in the minds of your customers.

Our Innovative Pricing Plans

Diverse Billing Plans to support your Business

OnePay’s flexible and business-friendly billing plans have created a huge positive impact on modern businesses.

One-time Billing

Streamline your payment process with our hassle-free one-time billing option, designed for your convenience.

Streamlined billing plans for your customers
Recurring Billing

Never miss a payment again with our easy and customizable recurring billing options, tailored to your needs.

Provide recurring billings plan for your customers and vendors
Customizable Payment Pages

Create a seamless and professional payment experience with our customizable payment pages, designed to match your brand and improve customer trust.

Provide payment solutions with customized billing plans
Billing Frequency

Choose the billing frequency that works best for you and your business, with flexible options to fit your unique needs and preferences

Provide the best payment solution to your vendors, customers, and Merchants
Our Innovative Pricing Plans

Diverse Billing Plans to support your Business

OnePay’s flexible and business-friendly billing plans have created a huge positive impact on modern businesses.

Other Products

Resourceful state-of-art Payment Solution for your business

The payment solution products from OnePay acts as a platform for streamlining your business and shoring up the revenue. Now you can enjoy painless and safe monetary transactions, all with just a click.

Virtual Terminal

Generate credit card transactions, accept payments, and send receipts securely through mobile, in-person, or remote processing

Smart Checkout

Provides secure user experience and a smooth checkout process for your customers and initiates payments irrespective of the location.

Other products of OnePay payment gateway

Frequently Asked Questions

The fee is typically charged to the merchant who uses the payment processing services. Set by Credit Card networks, the credit card processing fee varies from one service provider to another based on the card network it is associated with.

In online stores, payment gateways are the “checkout” portals used to enter credit card information or credentials. Payment Gateways are distinct from Payment processors, which use customer information to collect payments on behalf of the merchant.

OnePay offers flexible and business-friendly billing plans such as Recurring billing, One-time billing, Subscriptions, Customizable payment pages, Promotions, Trails, etc. Our innovative approach towards billing has created a huge positive impact.

OnePay offers you a quicker way of making business transactions that is safe from any fraudulent or malicious ways. With OnePay you can be just sure of your money.

Issuing an invoice is an essential step in the billing process since it acts as legal proof of the sale. Not issuing invoices can cause issues with collecting payments for the services or products involved.

Credit and Debit cards are the most common types of billing methods that are in use across the globe today.

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