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Generate personalized payment links and share with customers, allowing them to make quick and secure transactions.
Payment links

Create, send & track Payment Links with OnePay Virtual Terminal

Enable your customers to conveniently pay through email or SMS by sharing payment links. Simplify the payment process and provide a user-friendly experience for your customers. 


Quicker collection of Payments using OnePay Payment Links

It is so easy to collect payments online now and sell anything anywhere with OnePay’s payment links.

Pay via Email & SMS

Share the payment links on the OnePay Go, via email or SMS, and get paid faster than ever before.


Faster payments with full API integration. You can create and archive OnePay payment links programmatically

Features includes, SMS & Email, real time tracking, webhook, and API
Dashboard and real-time tracking

You can activate your chosen payment methods in the Dashboard and payment links will present relevant payment methods for the links that you create.

Batch Upload

OnePay facilitates the Batch file upload service, which enables you to process many transactions via file exchange.

Webhook notifications

Now you can automate workflow reporting with instant transaction notifications on your mobile through OnePay Go.


OnePay Payments Links for simplifying your transactions

The solutions offered by OnePay in the form of payment links go a long way in streamlining business processes and making transactions faster. 

Instant Activation

The payment links shared by OnePay are activated instantly as you click them, and payments made get credited within seconds

Payment Methods

OnePay payment links let you accept multiple payment methods without any integration work.

Easy Check-out

A smooth web and App check-out process is offered to customers who post their payment via the payment links.

Buy Buttons

The Payment links can be embedded into simple payment buttons on websites to facilitate quick payment.

QR Codes

Generate QR codes via OnePay Go mobile app, scan the code and make the payment easily

OnePay Products 

OnePay is built to serve modern-era business needs

OnePay’s astounding products have always contributed in the best possible way to make business simpler.

Simplify your workflow and unlock the full potential of your website with our wide range of plugin options.


Generate, distribute, and manage key tokens to safeguard card-on-file information. 

Elevate your business operations with our high-quality hardware solutions.

Hardware Solutions

You can easily accept payments from customers with a variety of hardware payment terminals.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can use payment links to sell services and products by sharing a reusable link to a checkout page.

The links can be embedded into emails, used for simple buttons on a website, or shared directly through social or support channels like Twitter, Instagram, SMS, or Chat.

These links facilitate simple online payment and do not require additional infrastructure, a website, or any code to set up and use. Any merchant can create a payment link that takes customers to a straightforward online checkout page to complete a transaction.

payment link can refer to a one-time link sent over email, SMS, WhatsApp, etc. The links can be time-limited or valid for an unlimited time.

Payment links are backed with a secured payment gateway. All payment links that service providers generate are compliant with government norms regarding computer data security. The links are PCI DSS compliant.

Any business that accepts payments from customers can benefit from using payments links, including 

  1. Online retailers 
  2. Freelancers and service providers 
  3. Small businesses and startups 
  4. E-commerce businesses 
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