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Payment Links for Instant Payments

Instantly create payment links and QR codes to share with your customers and start receiving payments.

Payment Links

Three easy steps of receiving payments

Generate the Link

Generate a unique payment link in a few simple steps. No technical skills required, just input the required details and you're good to go.

Share the Link

Share the payment link with your customers via any text message, or email.

Get Paid

Once your customer clicks the link, they will be directed to a secure payment page where they can complete the transaction. You receive the payment instantly.

Request for Payments

All Payment Channels Supported

You have complete control over the channels you choose to connect with your customers. Customize, send, and effortlessly manage all your payment links in the manner that suits you best.

Pay by Link

Channels to send Links

Send pay links and accept payments from your mobile. Upgrade to ‘OnePay Go’ for a quicker and simpler payment experience.

Text To Pay

Send the paylinks directly to your customer's phone. This offers a quick and easy way for customers to make payments.

Email To Pay

Share paylinks via email. This is useful for formal transactions and gives you a record of the communication.

Scan To Pay

Create QR code link and share with your customers. Customers can scan the code with their smartphone to make the payment.

Request for Payments

Payment Link for Buy Buttons

Provide your customers with a direct link that transforms into a purchase button upon clicking. This link will lead them directly to a checkout page, reducing the likelihood of abandoned carts and enhancing overall sales.


Pay Links for Businesses

Webhooks Notification

Automate workflow reporting and receive real-time notification about transactions

Dashboard Reports

Streamline your payment collection process, making it more efficient, transparent, and adaptable to your business needs.

Customizable Links

Change the payment request page’s appearance to match your brand and reflect your unique style.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is OnePay payment link?
OnePay payment link provides a secure and convenient method for online transactions. With just a simple link, you can send invoices or payment requests without disclosing your personal financial details.
What are the key steps to receive OnePay paylink payments?
The key steps to receiving OnePay paylink payments include – generating the pay link, share the link, and get paid. These steps guarantee a seamless and secure transaction experience.
How can I send OnePay payment link?
You can easily share the OnePay payment link through email pay or SMS pay.
How can I send payment links and receive payments using my mobile device?
You can conveniently handle payments using your mobile device via text to pay, email to pay, and scan to pay.
What are the benefits of OnePay paylinks for buy button?
The Payment Link for Buy Buttons streamlines purchases, boosting sales and enhancing satisfaction by reducing buying process friction.
What features do OnePay paylinks for businesses offer?
OnePay Paylinks offer Webhook Notification, Dashboard Reports, and Customized Links according to business needs.
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