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Make all your financial transactions easier. With OnePay, you can now choose from a wide range of payment options to suit your business needs. Our innovative products utilize the latest technologies and our state-of-the-art infrastructure, creating highly secure platforms for easy payments at any time of day, or night!

Merchant Services

With OnePay’s payment platform, you can offer seamless options for transactions and better control over the finances.

Payment Solutions

Easily handle receipts, and payments and customize options based on your business requirements.

Why OnePay?

Now Payments made easy. Streamline your merchant services today, by partnering with us right away!

We have made payments easy, fast, and safe by incorporating the latest technologies, which gives merchants the leading edge in this fastpaced business environment.  

Security and Compliance

We value the security of customer’s data along with 100% compliance. 

Enhanced Performance

We assure high revenue through better risk management, and authentication.  

Totally Dependable

We support high business volume and maximum uptime with 24*7 monitoring capability.

One-Click Reporting

Get transparent and real-time data that enhances greatly your business insight. 

Effective API integration

Meets customer demands through the effective use of a Single API. 

Always Human

We appreciate the value of human touch and have experts to address merchant concerns.

Harmony in Payment

We facilitate pleasant payment experiences through a simplified and quick payment flow. 

Personalized Needs

Our hassle-free and seamless features are customer focused and customized. 

OnePay Go
OnePay Go

Complete your Business Transactions Online with OnePay Go

Launch your mobile application today by just logging in with your user account.

Merchant Solutions

Our Payment Gateway helps Businesses achieve new heights

OnePay’s secure payment solutions provide a sole source for all your revenue management, technology, and operational needs. Through our reliable merchant services, you can streamline your business and grow your company with an optimized cash flow. 

Payment Gateway

Payment Links

Recurring Payment

Smart Plugins


Automated Billing

Virtual Terminal

Vaulted Payments

A satisfied merchant completes her payment using the OnePay Payment Portal.

Trusted Partners around the World!

Enhanced Payment Features

Our Payment Gateway Helps Business Achieve New Heights

OnePay gives your business much more than what normal payment portals offers. 

Real-time Fraud Detection

OnePay’s enhanced security system analyses the payment portal to find any security loopholes and fixes them.

Online Store

Provides payment portals to various e-commerce websites, so that buyers can make payments on the go.

Smart Check-out

A smooth check-out process for the customers along with secured user experience. Initiate payments from any location.

Easily compensate your customers by sending them a personalized link via email or SMS for seamless payment processing.

Now share secured and encrypted Payment links through SMS or email and get paid instantly.


Frequently Asked Questions

The principal task of a payment gateway is to approve the transaction process between the merchant and the customer. It has a vital role to play in the online transaction process and as such authorizes transactions between merchants and customers.

Payment gateways let you accept credit card payments in person or online by transferring money between your merchant account or payment processor.

A virtual terminal turns your computer into a credit card terminal, and you can manually process payments from a web browser. It is a great tool for remote billing or taking credit cards over the phone. These terminals are ideal for businesses that do not require an online store but do need to accept remote payments through phone, or mail.

A merchant account lays the foundation of a business relationship between you and your merchant services provider, such as the bank account for your business. With traditional credit card processing services, until after you apply and are approved for a merchant account.

A payment processor is a bank that processes the payment request.

When payment is done by customers with credit cards, payment gateways connect merchant accounts with payment processors by transferring credit card information between the bank that issued the Credit Card and the bank account for your business.

As you need to swipe or key in cards, it can be done from any computer via your browser with a payment gateway. Onepay offers numerous features that can help automate your business, such as recurring billing and reporting. The recurring billing features store your customers’ information and allow you to automatically charge them on a recurring basis.

There can be risks involved in payment systems, though very infrequent. The bank for International Settlements’ Committee on Payment and Settlement System identifies five major categories of risk that are associated with payment transactions: fraud, operational, legal, settlement, and systemic.

In the modern business arena, these factors play a significant role when choosing a payment gateway.

Purchasing cost by the merchant, types of cards allowed, holding time, security, mobile payment support, recurring billing, multiple currency support, and settlement time for the payments received.


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