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Virtual Terminal

A State-of-the-Art Virtual Terminal to process all transactions in one place

Explore the ability to get paid in a snap with OnePay. Our easy-to-use virtual terminal lets your business accept payments from various sources effortlessly.

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Payment Terminals

Simplify Payments for Your Customers

Hassle-free and contactless payments for in-store Point of Sale transactions.


Hassle-free and contactless payments for in-store Point of Sale transactions. Enable various digital payment methods for simpler and safer in-person transactions.

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Accept payments effortlessly by sending secure paylinks to your customers. Utilize OnePay’s Virtual Terminal and its hosted payment page for remote transactions.

Desktop app

Streamlined, user-friendly payment processing on your computer with SnapPost app. Quickly access your payments, and review payment history.

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Online Terminal

OnePay Payment Terminal for Effortless Transactions

Explore OnePay’s advance payment terminals designed to simplify your virtual terminal payment processing, enhance customer experiences, and boost overall efficiency for your business.

Text To Pay

Purchasing Return Authorizations

Ignore AVS Check

Partial Approval Capability

Unlinked Refund

EMV Card Processing


Why choose OnePay virtual terminal as your solution?

Secure payment Processing

Tokenize your credit card information and prevent unauthorized access. Your business and your customers’ information are in safe hands.

Wide range of payment options

Accept payments using a variety of methods like credit and debit cards, ACH, EBT, and CNP, enabling your customers to pay with their preferred options.

Efficient and reliable customer support

Our dedicated team is available 24/7 to respond to any inquiries or concerns you might have.

Instant Set-up into your existing system

Begin receiving payments instantly through your existing POS system, free from unnecessary fees or complex setup processes.

Customized Payment Page

OnePay - Your Go-To Virtual Payment Terminal

Improve the payment experience for both you and your customers with our customizable virtual terminal. Tailor the payment lifecycle to your preferences, giving you full control and flexibility.

Pay Page

A solution that gives merchants a smooth payment experience. Create special Page Keys and HMAC Keys for seamless transactions.

Pay Links

Share the pay link with your customers via SMS or email and receive instant payments through multiple modes.

Customized Receipts

Give your customers a branded experience by customizing your email and SMS receipt templates with OnePay.

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Recurring Payments

Customize and Automate your Payment Plans for Effortless Billings

Easily manage your customers’ subscriptions, ongoing services, and default payments by simplifying the billing process through OnePay’s automated billing lifecycle and recurring payments.

Customize the payment schedule based on your customer’s preference:

Monthly, Weekly, or Daily payments

Recurring, Installment, or One-time Schedule payments


OnePay Virtual Payment Terminal for All Businesses

OnePay Virtual Payment Terminal offers many benefits to businesses of all sizes and industries. With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, the virtual terminal makes managing transactions seamless and efficient.

Streamline Payment Procedures

Simplify your payment procedures and eliminate the need for paper-based records, saving you valuable time and resources.

Improve Sales & Customer Trust

Increase revenue and establish customer confidence by prioritizing service excellence, ultimately driving sales growth and loyalty.

Real time reports

OnePay minimizes the workload of manual bookkeeping and guarantees precise financial transactions through automated reporting processes.

Lightning-Fast Transactions

Our platform enables rapid transactions, enhancing your customer service efficiency and retaining your valuable customers.

Robust Security Protocols

Implementing firm security measures, our system ensures robust protection against potential threats, safeguarding sensitive data and user privacy.

Enhanced Merchant Services

Our strong partnership with Unity Pay, every business, regardless of industry or size, can seamlessly onboard and utilize OnePay's virtual terminal.

Are you geared up to get going?

Easily integrate Our virtual terminal into your website or mobile app using our API.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Terminal?
A virtual terminal payment is a method for processing credit or debit card transactions without physical card terminals. It utilizes a secure online interface, typically offered by payment service providers. Merchants can input customer payment details via phone, email, or fax. This enables businesses to accept card payments remotely, providing convenience for transactions when the customer is not physically present.
OnePay distinguishes itself from other virtual terminals through its enhanced security measures, intuitive interface, and customizable features designed to cater to the unique requirements of businesses.
OnePay offers virtual terminals to various types of businesses, ranging from small startups to large enterprises across diverse industries.
OnePay’s virtual terminal accommodates various payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, and ACH (Automated Clearing House) bank transfers.

Advantages of using the OnePay virtual terminal include:

Secure online transactions for businesses and customers.

Versatile payment options, including credit cards, debit cards, and ACH bank transfers.

Customizable features to tailor the virtual terminal setup to specific business needs.

Yes, OnePay offers 24/7 comprehensive customer support services to assist businesses with setting up and troubleshooting their virtual terminals.
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