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Payment Types

Empower your
in-store payment operations with OnePay POS Systems

Easy payment acceptance, fast checkout, and customer management – all integrated into your point of sale for smoother operations and better customer service.

Payment Types

Empower your
in-store payment operations with OnePay POS Systems

Easy payment acceptance, fast checkout, and customer management – all integrated into your point of sale for smoother operations and better customer service.

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OnePay Go!

Simplify Sales with OnePay POS Systems

Take payments with the point of sale that suits your business needs. Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, OnePay offers a variety of options to make selling easy and efficient.

Unified sales reporting

Versatile Payment Options

Reporting and Analytics

Customer Management

POS Features

Accelerate your business with OnePay's future-ready POS solutions

OnePay Point of Sale software offers businesses an efficient, secure, and customer-friendly POS experience that increases sales and enhances operations.

Effortless Payments

Accept credit cards, contactless payments, PIN debit, cash, and more – all directly through your POS system.

contactless payments
Point of sale software
All-in-one Terminal

Our POS terminal seamlessly manages inventory, updating stock, and processing payments, all in one convenient device.

Branded Receipts

Customize and send receipts via print, email, or text – leaving a lasting impression.

POS terminal
POS Benefits

Elevate Your Sales with OnePay's Integrated POS System

OnePay’s cloud-based POS system simplifies in-person, online, and over-the-phone sales by managing inventory, tracking sales, and facilitating online transactions.

Elevate each sale into an extraordinary experience

Optimize Sales with a reliable, quick, and smooth In-Store POS system and payment solutions.

Strive for long-lasting success

Leverage the latest payment trends and provide your customers with innovative payment solutions.

Comprehensive solutions

Readily accept the latest payment methods, including EMV, NFC, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.

Fully customizable

Customized POS systems to match your current requirements, ensuring smooth growth in the future.

Unified sales reporting

Employ live sales data to monitor your business's performance via configured reports on your dashboard.

PCI Compliant

Secure processing of credit card transactions with our latest 4.0 PCI compliant solutions.

cloud-based POS system
Sell better with OnePay POS

OnePay Mobile Point of Sale

Download the OnePay Go app and turn your smartphone into a powerful payment terminal. Accept in-person card swipes, contactless payments, and digital wallets – all without extra hardware.

Unified POS System

Versatile POS Solutions tailored to your business type and size

OnePay offers tailored POS solutions for small businesses and restaurants, improving operations and enhancing customer experiences.

Oversee the entire business efficiently

Manage inventory, customers, suppliers, sales, billing, and payments in one platform only.

Optimize Intricate operations

Simplify processes and achieve them more quickly by entrusting routine tasks to us.

Embrace the digital transformation

Enable your business to evolve and meet your customers wherever they are digitally.

Expand and elevate your business

Unleash your potential through new locations, new channels, and data-driven insights.

Maximize your sales potential

Broaden your sales horizon with a dynamic mobile app, enabling customers to order outside regular store hours.

Deliver outstanding customer interactions

Surpass customer expectations, fostering a loyal online and offline community with every transaction.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Point of Sale?
A point of sale (POS) system encompasses hardware, software, and services that empower businesses to conduct transactions for goods and services. It functions in both physical and online settings, offering capabilities for managing inventory, tracking sales, and customizing features to meet specific business requirements.
OnePay POS simplifies payments by providing an intuitive interface for quick payment processing, inventory tracking, and sales reporting. Our system offers various payment options, including credit/debit card transactions, mobile payments, and digital-wallet integrations, making transactions easier for both customers and businesses.
OnePay POS stands out due to its user-friendly design, speedy transaction processing, and robust security features. We focus on operations and provide businesses with the tools they need to manage sales, inventory, and customer data all in one place.
OnePay POS is designed to be versatile and scalable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re running a small boutique or a large retail chain, our system can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
Our POS system is compatible with various business software solutions, allowing for easy integration with your existing systems. This integration helps ensure that your sales and account management processes are synchronized.
Security is a top priority at OnePay POS. We implement industry-standard encryption, tokenization, and comply with PCI DSS regulations to safeguard all transactional data. Regular security audits ensure that our systems remain impervious to threats.
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