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Your Omnichannel Payment Partner

Unified payment solution for accepting payments from various sources. Empower your resellers, customers, retailers, and merchants to track and manage their payments more efficiently.

Your Omnichannel Payment Partner

Your Omnichannel Payment Partner

Unified payment solution for accepting payments from various sources. Empower your resellers, customers, retailers, and merchants to track and manage their payments more efficiently.

Omnichannel Payments

Omnichannel Payment for Businesses

In-store Payments

Integrate your existing POS systems, and accept payments from debit and credit cards, and contactless payments.


Make your payments and transaction void through contactless payments via OnePay Go mobile app.


Provide your services and business presence through online Ecommerce and MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order).

Simplify Payments with OnePay - Your Omnichannel Solution

Perform your transactions seamless, safe, and swift for businesses and customers across all channels.” with ” Achieve smooth, secure, and rapid transactions for businesses and customers across all platforms.

Unified Payment Channels: OnePay streamlines your payment process by integrating multiple channels into one cohesive system.

Secure Transactions: OnePay incorporates Multi-factor Authentication and Tokenization to safeguard sensitive information, ensuring every transaction is completely secure.

Streamlined Integrations: OnePay’s platform seamlessly integrates with your existing software infrastructure, simplifying setup and transition.

Benefits of Using OnePay Omnichannel Payment Solutions

Simplified Transaction

Allow your customers to switch between channels without repeating information.

Unified System

OnePay offers a single system to accept all types of payments, making transactions more efficient.

Easy Reconciliation

Delivers all-in-one reports, simplifying account reconciliation and sales tracking.

Customer Insight

Consolidate customer purchase paths across channels, enhancing service and marketing strategies.


Reduce the time spent on managing multiple systems, increasing operational efficiency.


Accept payments from all modes, such as mobile, online, and in-person.

Did you know?

Merchants use omnichannel payment solutions to increase sales!

OnePay’s Payment Types offer advanced functionalities that cater to the needs of businesses and ensure an exceptional user experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an omnichannel payment platform?
A payment solution that allows businesses to accept payments through various channels such as online, mobile, in-person, and other emerging channels. And allowing them to pay for goods and services in the way that’s most convenient for them.

OnePay Omnichannel payment gateway can help businesses:

  1. Increase your revenue.
  2. Making it easier for your customers to pay for goods and services.
  3. Improves customer experience by providing seamless payment experience across all channels.
  4. Reduce the risk of fraud and chargebacks by using advanced security measures.
It works by integrating with various payment channels such as online, mobile, and in-person payment terminals. When a customer makes a payment, the payment gateway processes the payment and sends it to the appropriate payment processor for authorization. Once the payment is authorized, the payment gateway sends a confirmation message back to the merchant.
Any business that accepts payments from customers can benefit from using an omnichannel payment gateway. However, businesses that have multiple sales channels such as online, in-store, and mobile may benefit the most from an omnichannel payment gateway.
When selecting an omnichannel payment gateway, you should look for features such as advanced security measures, support for multiple payment channels, integration with your existing payment systems, and the ability to provide detailed payment reports and analytics. Where Onepay provides all the features mentioned above.

An omnichannel payments platform provides complete payment processing solutions. The vendor integrates all payment processes for a business, providing a single view of customers and revenue-generating solutions across the entire ecosystem.

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