As a merchant, it’s crucial to monitor expenses and seek cost-saving opportunities. One area to consider is your merchant services statement. By having your statement analyzed, you may find ways to save hundreds or thousands of dollars annually. OnePay will provide a complimentary savings analysis with no commitment.

One fee to watch out for is the PCI DSS non-compliance fee, which can be avoided by complying with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards.

Also, OnePay will scrutinize interchange fees, which vary based on card type and transaction processing. By understanding these fees and selecting a payment processor with competitive rates, you could save on each transaction.

Lastly, we’ll determine if you’re paying for any unnecessary services or features. For instance, if you infrequently process international transactions, you could save by selecting a processor without extra fees for them.

In summary, OnePay analyzing your merchant services statement can lead to cost savings and improved profitability. Comply with PCI DSS, comprehend interchange fees, and choose the right payment processor to keep your business running smoothly while controlling costs.