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Your Money is Safe with OnePay’s Fraud Detection Technologies

A broad-based and scientifically advanced Fraud Detection system has led to greater partner trust and consumer satisfaction.

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Fraud detection solution for all Payment Transactions

Our versatile modes of Fraud Detection have made transactions easier and safer. OnePay guarantees you a safe business.

Fraud Detection Technology

Protect your Business against fraudulent activities

OnePay is a safe platform that guarantees the merchants complete protection against misuse of any kind that may result in financial loss and earn a bad reputation


Our real-time and advanced integrated risk management techniques mitigate transaction fraud even before it takes place

PCI Compliance

OnePay’s identity manager protects your business round-the-clock against misrepresentation, while onboarding new customers


We don’t compromise safety when it comes to money. With proper Authentication factors, we increase the security of the terminals

Safe business with OnePay

Simple, scalable and powerful payment solution

We process the transactions safely and minimize risks of sensitive data falling into wrong hands. We are committed to accelerating your business


Our Tokenization system eliminates the need to store Credit Card information. Each token linked to a customer profile can be used to complete transactions.

Address Verification System

AVS checks if the address provided by customers matches with the card issued by the bank. This checks online fraud

Card Verification Value

CVV filter acts as an added security measure. Enabling a CVV filter helps merchants fight fraud and reduce chargeback.

Standard Security

Additional Security Layer for your business

OnePay online payment system guarantees instant payment and much more efficient business operations.

PCI DSS Compliance

At OnePay, we take security seriously – Our cutting-edge tech and expert staff are here to help you reduce risk, avoid chargebacks, and make PCI DSS compliance a breeze.

Enhanced Security

With PCI compliance OnePay ensures that customers' sensitive payment data is protected.

Increased Trust

Complying with Payment Card Industry (PCI) is safer and less expensive.

Legal Compliance

Stay in good standing with regulators, vendors, merchants and customers.


Reduce the risk of fraud by minimizing the amount of sensitive information that is stored or transmitted during a transaction.

Eliminate Fraudulent Access

Tokenization minimizes the risk of payment card information theft and fraud.

Encrypted Data

With tokenization, payment gateways can safely and securely store payment information.

Simple Transaction

Token transfers can be done quickly, easily, and securely with a few clicks.

Identity Manager

A sophisticated and powerful tool which verifies user identities and grants access only to authorized individuals.


OnePay’s Identity Manager offers complete control over user access to sensitive data.


Prevents social engineering, data breaches and fraudulent activities.

Policies and Compliance

Makes it easier for merchants to comply with industry regulations and standard policies.

Standard Security

Scalable Solutions for you and your customers

As a responsible payment gateway, we are committed to walk that extra mile, to protect you from any kind of misuse or data theft.

Payer Authentication

An additional security for your online transactions. To authenticate the identity of the cardholder during transactions.

Lockout Mechanisms

Protect your payments from unauthorized access and prevent brute force attacks from gaining access to your information.

real time reports
Risk Scoring

This indicates the probability of the transactions being fraudulent. A higher probability indicates that the transaction must be verified.

AI-powered fraud detection system

Analyzes transaction data in real time and detects anomalies and patterns that may indicate fraudulent activities.

Other Solutions

Smart Payment Solutions from OnePay

OnePay has made the payment experience seamless by offering quality payment solution products that have changed the face of modern business.

Payment Links

Share payment links through email or SMS and get paid instantly. The links are secured and end-to-end encrypted.


Merchants can generate tokens to save the card-on-file information. These tokens can enhance data security significantly.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does a payment gateway keep information secure?
Encrypting Data is the principal method for securing sensitive transaction data. The payment gateway will encrypt the data when entering the Card details at the checkout. The encryption will turn the data into another form, or code so that only people who have access to a secret key may have access to the information.
OnePay gives the foremost value to the security of the customer’s data, hence we have implemented a wide variety of measures to keep control of misuse and fraud detection. Multi-factor authentication, Tokenization, Device detection, Lockout Mechanisms, Card Verification Value, Integrated Risk management, and Identity verification are some unique mechanisms followed by OnePay to protect against Fraud and misrepresentation.
  1. Identity Theft
  2. Phishing
  3. Pagejacking
  4. Merchant identity fraud
  5. Friendly fraud
Credit Cards offer fraud liability protections that debit cards do not. Online purchases that are associated with Credit cards come with fewer risks.
Scammers use email or text messages to steal your passwords, account numbers, or social security numbers. They could easily access your email, bank, or other accounts on getting these details.

The benefits of using an AI-powered fraud detection system in a payment gateway include.

  • Real-time fraud prevention,
  • Reduced false positives,
  • Continuous learning and improvement,
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