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Payment Facilitator

OnePay’s Payment Facilitator fastens Business transactions

Our advanced Payment Facilitator enables faster and more secure business processes with higher customer satisfaction.

Payment Gateway

OnePay Payment Facilitators enable seamless payment acceptance

A Payment Facilitator allows their customers to accept electronic payments using their infrastructure. It facilitates easy onboarding of merchants and streamlines overall transaction flow.

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Easy Business Transaction with OnePay Payment Facilitator

Now you can onboard merchants in seconds with OnePay’s Payment Facilitator platform. Enjoy numerous business advantages over your rivals.

Fast Onboarding

We facilitate a quick and seamless onboarding process apart from painless payment processing.

Sub-merchant account management

We enable creating a sub-merchant account under the “master merchant” ID.

Reconciliation Reporting

OnePay’s Payment Facilitator makes reconciliation painless for sub-merchants by issuing “Gross settlement” statements.

Sub Merchant Accounting and Billing

You can set individual rates for sub-merchants and track the platform fees for each merchant.


Enjoy the Multi-lateral Benefits of OnePay Payment Facilitators

The multiple benefits offered by OnePay’s Payment Facilitator can propel your business to higher echelons of success and growth.


KYC Management

KYC requirements are usually different for Payment Facilitator models, and we provide tools to manage them.


Chargeback notification

you and the sub-merchant will be well informed of any chargeback activity, if it occurs.


Sub-Merchants Statements

Now you can easily send statements to all sub-merchants that include merchant accounts and Platform fees.


A compatible platform

Our Payment Facilitator is compatible enough for even the traditional merchants boarded on the platform.

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OnePay Payment Solution Products

Enliven your payment solution with OnePay

OnePay’s payment products help you to improve upon the vital statistics of your business, make it more profitable, and make transactions easier, quicker, and safer.

Secure access with robust authentication methods, safeguarding sensitive information and providing peace of mind for users

To safeguard card-on-file information, merchants can generate, distribute, and manage key tokens. These tokens are safely stored in a vault.

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Smart Checkout

Provide a secure user experience and provide a smooth checkout process for your customers and initiate payments regardless of the location.


Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Facilitators are essentially mini-payment processors. They provide services to allow merchants to accept card-not-present (CNP) and card-present payments.

The Payment facilitator is the company that provides the infrastructure necessary for their sub-merchants to begin accepting Credit Card payments. They underwrite and onboard the sub-merchants and then provide them with the technology they need to process electronic payments and receive the funds from those payments.

The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) of the US treasury department is one of the key governing bodies that oversee payment facilitator regulations.

OnePay Payment Facilitator enablement platform seamlessly offers access to payment acceptance, increases recurring revenue, and improves reporting.

The difference between a Payment Processor and a Payment Gateway lies in the fact that the processor is the service facilitating the transaction, while the gateway is the communication channel responsible for securely transmitting the payment data to the payment processor and the card networks.

A Payment Gateway is a technology used by merchants to accept debit or credit card purchases from customers. The term includes not only the physical card reading devices found in retail stores but also the payment processing portals found in online stores.

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