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Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

Tailored Payment Solutions for Independent Software Vendors

OnePay’s integrated approach to payments is a game changer move since it offers a wide range of benefits.

Independent Software Vendor, ISV

We offer integrated Payment Solutions for ISV

OnePay is rediscovering the Payment Gateway ecosystem. Our feature-packed full commerce enablement platform enables you to create cutting-edge software products that increase revenue, improve payment monetization, and retain customers longer.         

A desktop which shows the increase in revenue after implementing OnePay payment gateway. 
A business meeting, the CEO of the company elaborates on the revenue growth within the organization.

OnePay gives your business flexibility

Multiple features and flexibility to suit your business

OnePay understands the present business scenario and offers flexibility and features to better serve your customers. You can now customize your payment solutions and OnePay’s easy integration ability helps you to serve a wide range of consumers through ISVs.

Do business without any limits

limitless business with OnePay’s integrated payment solution

OnePay’s integrated payment solution is designed to give you greater freedom than any other ISV payment gateway solution. Our payment solution is designed to be flexible on operating systems, devices, and on acquirer connections. Now do business in diversified fields without any limits.

A merchant with her credit card processing her payment in OnePay Virtual Terminal
Advantages of ISV Partnerships

ISV Payments offers Strategic features for your Business

ISV payments provide greater value by offering seamless payment solutions. ISVs compete with the solutions offered by point-of-sale solutions by offering a fundamentally different value proposition.


ISV Payments partnerships offer an opportunity to create a new revenue stream for your business.

Enhances the user experience by making the check-out process simple in a few steps on the same page.

OnePay ISV ensures that all sensitive payment information is safely tokenized and stored within the payment gateway.


Benefits offered by ISVs can positively impact your business

OnePay’s integrated payment solutions can benefit the end users in multiple ways. These benefits can propel your business to reach astounding heights.

Easy to Integrate

OnePay payment platform can easily integrate with the ISVs to generate greater payment flow for the system.

Greater Valuation

According to Market Research Future (MRFR), the valuation of the ISVs will rise from $202.85 million in 2019 to $408.15 million by 2026.

Efficiency and Speed

OnePay’s integrated payment tools are centered within your core software system eliminating the need to seek third-party payment options.

A smiling customer doing performing her transactions though OnePay POS
Payment solutions from OnePay

OnePay’s Payment Products create positive business environment

OnePay’s payment solution products are a handy tool for reaching the greatest business success heights. They are a very versatile component of today’s modern business scenario.

Virtual Terminal

Generate credit card transactions, accept payments, and send receipts securely through mobile, in-person, or remote processing.


Provide SSO, MFA, and passwordless authentication to users, based on their roles with customized authentication solutions.


Frequently Asked Questions

An ISV (Independent Software Vendor) makes and sells software products that run on one or more computer hardware or operating systems.

Through an integrated payment processing system, ISV customers can generate invoices, accept online bank payments, and pay bills directly through the application. Payment processing solutions are constantly evolving to keep up with the transforming landscape of business and consumer needs.

An independent software vendor (ISV) can create applications and programs that can participate in a single sign-on environment.

  1. Application Development.
  2. Platform and Infrastructure.
  3. Data Management & Analytics.
  4. Business Applications.

OnePay provides integrated payment solutions for software vendors. Our enablement platform lets you build innovative software solutions that can better monetize payments and retain customers longer.

An ISV can be sold directly to consumers (B2C) or to other businesses (B2B).

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