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Independent Sales Organization (ISO)

OnePay empowers next Generation ISO

Stay ahead of the competition with OnePay’s cutting-edge ISO payment gateway, designed to meet the ever-evolving needs of modern businesses.

An introduction about ISO

Our ISO Payment Gateway adds value to your business

Independent Sales Organization, or ISO in the context of merchant services, is a third-party payment processor that manages merchant accounts on behalf of a bank, payment processor, or significant financial institution.

The CEO addresses the team, explaining the revenue increase attributed to the implementation of the OnePay Payment Gateway.
Business Opportunities

Unlimited revenue opportunities with OnePay ISO

OnePay Payment Gateway gives you the freedom to control your business the way you want. Now accept payment as easily as the customers send them and give a refreshing look at the whole gamut of your business transactions

Automated Billing

OnePay’s ISO payment gateway offers automated billing that bills your merchants automatically.

Faster Merchant Onboarding

Board your merchants easily and services to their accounts, whenever and however you want.

Account Management

Manage branding, resellers, merchants, accounts, user information, and report configurations.

Set your own pricing

Start earning a higher monthly recurring revenue by setting up pricing based on the desired sales price.

Set recurring payments to your customers and increase your revenue
Upsell Advanced Services

Offer value-added services and secure payment method storage to generate new revenue streams.

Onepay value added services for your secure payments. 
Manage Multiple MIDs

Merchants can manage multiple MIDs from a single gateway account, with automatic transaction routing and load balancing

Merchant is processsing his payment through OnePay Payment Gateway

Advanced Features for Modern Merchants

OnePay’s payment integration solution is flexible enough to incorporate modern ISOs that can play a major role in giving your business a facelift with its modern features.

OnePay Payment Gateway

OnePay ISO-friendly Gateway ensures disruption-proof business

Providing more than just merchant accounts and payment processing is necessary to stay ahead of the curve as disruptors are popping up all over the payment industry. The features and services offered by OnePay’s payment gateway will help you to compete.

Business is delighted for partnering with OnePay
OnePay Products

Unlock the Potential of Your Business with OnePay

OnePay Payment solution products streamline your business operations and open new streams of revenue. Our products set the stage for greater success and growth along with easy and secure monetary transaction pathways.

Payment Gateway

Customize payment options based on your specification and initiate transactions with consumers all over the world in a safe and efficient way.

Smart Checkout

Provide a secure user experience and a smooth checkout process for your customers and initiate payments irrespective of the location.


Frequently Asked Questions

ISO stands for Independent Sales Organization. ISOs are merchant service providers that work with one or more acquirers to resell payment processing technology and services.

In the world of merchant services, the acronym ISO stands for Independent Sales Organization, a third-party payment processing company that handles merchant accounts for a bank, payment processor, or large financial institution.

An ISO is a third-party payment processor. It handles merchant account setup and smooths payment acceptance for an ISV or SaaS platform. In contrast, payment facilitators offer sub-merchant accounts to their clients and process transactions.

An ISO is a company that markets acquiring services to merchants on behalf of an acquiring bank. An ISO is like an independent insurance agency.

In simple terms, a payment gateway is a network through which your customers transfer funds to you. Payment Gateways are very similar to the point-of-sale terminals used at most brick-and-mortar stores. When using a payment gateway, customers and businesses need to work together to make a transaction.

OnePay’s omnichannel payment gateway platform helps ISOs maximize revenue and drive value while offering full flexibility and control.

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