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Point of Sale

What is a Point of Sale?

A Point of sale is a platform where a customer can execute payments for the goods or services purchased. A POS payment can happen in-person or online followed by payment receipts.

OnePay software integrates into every POS devices
Hardware devices

OnePay payment gateway uses credit card readers, scales, displays, stations, and receipt printers for transactions.

Perform payments with POS to any E-commerce website
Integrated tools

Our POS device integration connects different business software tools such as eCommerce with your point-of-sale system.

Customer performing payments in swipe machine
Manage takeaway

OnePay has made transactions easier with digital counters, where customers can manage takeaway.

Grow your business with us

Our Payment Gateway for Your Success

OnePay’s cutting-edge point-of-sale system supports businesses, big and small.

Instant Processing of Payments

The merchants can benefit from the instant processing of payments.

Contactless Transactions

NFC-based card payments, easy mobile payments, and manage eCommerce stores.

Supports Multiple Payment Modes

Debit cards, credit cards, contactless payment, ACH and EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer).

Settlements Processed in no Time

Payments made are instantly settled to the respective bank accounts.

Online solutions

OnePay's POS for Businesses

OnePay’s Point of sale ensures a favorable business environment through its online tools

A barista is performing payment through POS in a coffee house
Payment processor

Make you Business Faster and Safer

We facilitate faster payment processing by the processors

A customer is paying through POS in a market
Innovative Products

OnePay’s POS System - A Boon for Your Business

Our point-of-sale offers innovative and advanced products to give your business options for check-out and multi-factor authentication

Smart checkout

Offers a smooth checkout experience for your customers


Offers Single Sign-On, Multifactor, and Passwordless Authentication


Frequently Asked Questions

To use a POS machine without a card, a pay code is needed. A pay code can be used to withdraw cash or make payments on a POS.

A mobile POS system is web-based, and all data is stored online. Unlike the traditional POS system, cloud-based POS doesn’t require a server to communicate the information to a data center. OnePay Go is a great example of a Mobile POS.

Your POS terminal captures a wide variety of information including products sold, time of sale, location, payment method, and customer names.

A POS system allows your business to accept payments from customers and keep track of sales. It works in different ways, depending on whether you sell online or have a physical store.

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