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OnePay Payment Gateway
powers your Business

Now add colors to your business with the OnePay payment Gateway. Enjoy a seamless payment experience with advanced security features


Payment Gateway – What is it?

OnePay Payment Gateway gives your business a new dimension

OnePay Payment Gateway offers you a suite of payment solutions with easy integration, Online onboarding, quick checkout, and best-in-class performances.

Gateway Feature

The salient features that makes OnePay a great Payment Gateway

The enhanced features of OnePay make it a wonderful Payment Gateway that meets all your business needs and exceeds your expectations.

Accept all payment modes

OnePay provides an extensive set of payment methods, such as Credit and Debit Cards, Cardless, and many more

Versatile Dashboard

Get detailed statistics about every business transaction, that will help you to take better business decisions.

Smart Checkout and Card Saving

An easy-to-integrate Checkout with saved cards, help your customers to pay anytime from anywhere.

Advanced Security

We give topmost value to the privacy of our customer’s data. Hence, we are covered by multi-layer security platforms.


Easy customers onboarding for Merchants

OnePay helps businesses with a smooth onboarding process that requires minimum documentation. Once onboarded you can start accepting and tracking payments within minutes and get real-time insights at your fingertips.

Easy Integrations

Instantly deploy OnePay in your system

OnePay’s seamless and quick payment integrations with SDKs, APIs, and Plugins have made business easier and more flexible than ever before. 

Instant Settlement

With OnePay’s instant settlement, enjoy higher revenue growth

Get payments in seconds, rather than in days. Facilitating a quick and hassle-free flow of revenue from your customer in the form of same-day settlement and on-demand settlement. 

Our Featured Services

The Payment Solution products of OnePay have given a new meaning to the business

OnePay offers state-of-the-art payment solution products that have changed the way of doing business, by making it simple and more efficient.

Online Store

Provides Payment portals to all e-commerce websites, so that buyers can make payments on the go.


Optimize your POS workstation with a complete range of accessories that will make your life easier, safer, and faster.


Frequently Asked Questions

It is an e-commerce service that processes online payments for online as well as offline businesses. They basically transfer key information from their merchant’s account to the issuing banks. Payment Gateways are an important pillar of e-commerce as they play a vital role in the transaction process.

A Payment Gateway helps businesses to accept payments from customers and it does not have a direct relationship with the customers. An online/ Digital wallet on the other hand is a payment platform, in which the customers can store money and utilize it as they need.

Yes, absolutely! We utilize the latest encryption and security protocols to ensure that all transactions processed through our payment gateway are secure and protected from potential threats. 

There are multiple payment methods that are supported by OnePay, notable among them are Credit Cards, Debit Cards, ACH, Electronic Benefits Transfer, Card not Present, Cash, and others.

OnePay can receive payments from customers across Desktop, Mobile web, Android & iOS. OnePay go is a mobile app.

A Payment processor analyzes and transmits the transaction data to the issuing bank, and this data can be Credit Card information that links to a bank account.

 A Payment Gateway authorizes the transfer of funds between the buyer and seller, apart from doing the above-mentioned functions of a payment processor.

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