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OnePay Plugin Checkout — Simplified Checkout Process 

A simple, yet beautiful payment solution that expedites the entire checkout process and optimizes the customer journey. Use the sample card details for a test transaction and see how simple it is!

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Plugin Features

Our plugin has not only numerous simple to advanced features, but it’s also very flexible and adjustable. Website administrators can easily customize UI and functionality in the backend.

OnePay Plugin with Basic Checkout

Using this OnePay checkout plugin, the user will be able to complete payment with limited details. 

OnePay Plugin with Address Checkout

Using this OnePay address checkout plugin, user has the ability to checkout with address details.

OnePay Plugin with Add & Edit Card

With this plugin, user have the ability to add and update their card details with ease. 

OnePay Plugin with Terms & Conditions Checkout

Host online checkouts branded for your company right on your website. OnePay's pop-up payment option gives your website the robust and secure payments

OnePay Plugin with Terms & Conditions and Address Checkout

Storefronts, a food truck, a pop-up stand or even a dog walking business, our customized solutions will make accepting payments the easiest part of your day.

OnePay Plugin with inline Checkout

From payments to billing and vaulting to tokenization, OnePay  gives you all the essential payment functionality you need to grow your business in Oneplace. No additional product purchases needed.

OnePay - Payment Token Customized UI

Credit cards can now be used often while remaining safely stored in a payment gateway's vault thanks to the Payment Token Customized UI. Ideal for subscriptions and regular payments.

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Ecommerce, retail, mobile, and more. Capture payments anywhere and any way, all from one source. Our smart solutions enable secure commerce from any point of interaction.

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