Patient Payments Made Easy

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SMS Messaging

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Digital-First Billing

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Paper or Electronic Statements

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Online Bill Pay

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Payment Plans

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Patient Financing

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Automated Pay-By-Phone

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Automated Billing & Receipts

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Staff-Assisted Payments

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Staff Payment Management

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Automated Posting & Reconciliation

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Security & Compliance

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Analytics & Insights

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Current & Prior Balances

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Mobile Payments

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Omni Channel

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Integration Suite

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Text to Pay

EMV Payments

EMV payments eliminate the possibility of a chargeback at your place of business. This is also one of the most secure methods of payments used today.

NFC Payments/ApplePay

Contactless payments that never requires the customer to pull out a credit card ever again. Allows for quick payments on the go, hassle free all by just tapping their phone